South Asia is the world’s fastest growing region where the value and importance of real estate is more than anywhere else in the world. It is a diverse continent where people have different ways of trading. You must know the fastest growing real estate markets in South Asia before you start your property search. The 5 fast growing real estate markets in South Asia are discussed below

  1. Pakistan Real Estate Market

Pakistan’s economy faced depression in 2012. In 2013, the political scenario was quite unpredictable and challenging, but the position of the Lahore real estate market was relatively attractive for the same year. It was due to the success of the agricultural sector. Generally the political scenario does not have a deep impact on the real estate market because the economy of Pakistan is quite informal and investors are attracted to invest in the property market. The year 2014 was also positive for the economy of Pakistan and since the beginning of this year;real estate market of Pakistan showed stability in both residential and commercial terms.

Now the real estate market is showing positive results. The demand of the properties in the leading cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi is also increased along with some increase in the prices.

New and existing projects also show upward growth. Rawalpindi/Islamabad real estate markets are growing and receiving more investments, but Lahore property market is going through restoring phase.

With the arrival of new budget for 2014-2015, the increase in the property tax has shown a negative growth in Pakistan property market. From an investment perspective, the twin cities i.e. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are best for investing in the real estate. The major projects in these cities are Bahria Town Rawalpindi .DHA Islamabad, Askari Phases etc. after Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Lahore real estate market is the growing market of Pakistan with the major projects like LDA city, DHA city etc.

The Karachi real estate has launched some new projects like DHA city, Bahria Town, Bahria Town tower, icon etc. for growing the market.

  1. Sri Lanka Real Estate Market

Sri Lanka real estate market has shown a significant growth since 2009. The real estate prices have also increased which also increased the foreign investment in the property market. The prices of residential and commercial property, apartments and bare lands haverisen. But now the property market is slowing down.

In Colombo, a person can only start constructing on his land if it measures at least 6 perches.  The lands with smaller units are sometimes not allowed to undergo construction. The foreigners also face taxation problem in owning a land therefore, the foreigner usually prefer leasing their land for 99 years because the tax rate is then reduced up to 7 % of the property value.

The real estate market in Sri Lanka consists of different categories. The high value sector includes the condominium and luxury apartment.

Middle-income segment is another category of the Sri Lanka’s real estate market. It is dominated by the real estate developers selling ready to live houses as well as plots.

Sri Lanka is an ideal business destination in South Asia therefore; it has a very developing and growing real estate market.

  1. Indian Real Estate Market

India’s real estate market started showing positive growth a few years back when great deals for residential and commercial properties were made. Indian property market experiences pitfalls as well as opportunities, but investors are very cautious. In recent years with aslowing economy and high interest rates, the property market struggled very hard. A survey explained that the real estate market is the second largest sector that generates employment opportunities for the people.

The year 2015 is turning to be a positive year for India’s real estate market. The investors and property buys are back in the market of most of the cities. The prices of real estate depend on the area as well as the type of the property in India. For foreign investors, there are many legal complications.

  1. NepalReal Estate Market

Nepal is not expected to be the next real estate hotspot, but still then it is experiencing some property boom. The reason for this growth is that Nepalese real estate investors are investing in the property market. Since 2003, the land prices have also increased by 300%. In the capital city Katmandu, there is also an increase in the number of real estate agents. Residential property buyers are also attracted into the market.

When the property market was crashed, there was a significant negative growth in the market which, has now restored to 50- 60 percent. The buyers are now motivated to make investments in the real estate.
Bhaktapur is the best place for the investors to invest in the real estate. Some other options include Katanju, Bijeshwari, Balkot and Nilbarahi etc.

The residential housing market is expected to experience more growth because the transition phase of the real estate trade is completed.

  1. Bangladesh Real Estate Market

The Bangladesh real estate market was experiencing a constant growth since late 70s and in the 90s; the growth was at its peak. This was because of the entrance of many estate developers in the property market of Bangladesh. Currently the pace of growth is a bit slow due to the country’s irregular political practice. The non political interim government has resulted in the negative growth of the Bangladesh’s property market, which will soon be corrected after coming back of the political government.

At first the real estate business was only limited up to the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Bow the surrounding districts and cities are also involved in the property business. Now 320 companies are present in the market. 95 % of the total market share belongs to the top 15 companies. The main hindrance in the development of the real estate market in Bangladesh is the inadequate security, increase in population and scarcity of land.

There are many complications in purchasing real estate as well as starting construction on them.