Few years back Pakistan was facing the property slump. After thatthe economy of Pakistan went in depression for many years due to many problems. Now the economy of the country is gradually stabilizing the real estate sector of Pakistan is again growing.They ear 2011 seems to be a positive in terms of economy development and the development of real estate sectors. Now various housing scheme are introduced. The 5 most luxurious housing schemes in Pakistan that offer luxury life style to the residents of Pakistan are as follows

Bahria Town

With its housing projects in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, Bahria Town is one of the most successful housing projects not only in Pakistan but in the other parts of the world as well. The secret behind their great success is the way they have nicely blended traditionas with the latest civic amenties in their housing projects. Those who want to taste luxurious living in a very peaceful environment need to have a house in a project like Bahria town. Whether you are living in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad, you will find Bahria town indeed the top housing scheme to live in. Malik Riaz, the owner of Bahria Town projects, is also known as one of the most generous persons in Pakistan.

The Defence Housing Authority

 This is an expensive and luxurious housing scheme administered by the Pakistan Army. The houses in DHA are developed for current and retired army persons. The projects of DHA are present in all major cities of Pakistan. The housing scheme is the symbol of modern, luxurious and high standard lifestyle. When we talk about posh and high class localities, DHA comes first. The plot and house are highly valuable there and classy people prefer buying houses and plots there because it offers several benefits to them. The houses are constructed according to the latest architecture. The concept of traditional house designs is old now and people demand some modernism in the architecture of their houses. DHA therefore has put these considerations while designing the houses. The model house of DHA can give a better idea to people in deciding the design of the house. The plots are also available in DHA; people can buy plots at much cheaper prices as compared to houses and build the houses at their own choice.

Investing in DHA property is very wise because the real estate is very valuable there and offers a good ROI.

The major projects of DHA includes

  • Defence Housing Authority, Lahore
  • Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad-Rawalpindi
  • Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

Some more projects are being launched. The amenities are endless there. Each phase is provided with a separate market and park.

Royal Residencia

This is one of the luxurious housing schemes of Pakistan.Located in Lahore, it is the housing scheme which is made with innovate approach. The scheme is known for luxury, peace, modernism and comfort. It is having the best security system for giving a peaceful life to its residents. The affordability is the main feature of this housing scheme. People are able to enjoy all the top class amenities in a reasonable cost. This is truly a housing scheme which can turn your dreams true. It represents the sequential technology advancement together with the comfort and style factors kept in consideration.

Affordability and luxury both are combined in this housing scheme. These features are very less commonly offered together but Royal Residentia offers. The elegant green surroundings and planned construction makes this location one of the most luxurious palaces of Pakistan to live in.

The housing scheme consists of magnificently and professionally designed homes. The different options include

  • Spanish Lodges (8-Marla )
  • Spanish Villas (6-Marla )
  • Contemporary Royal Mansions (12-Marla )
  • Contemporary Lodges (8-Marla )
  • Contemporary Villas (6-Marla )
  • Contemporary Cottages (4-Marla )
  • Italian Royal Mansions (12-Marla )
  • Italian Lodges (8-Marla )

Askari Housing Scheme

It is the army officers housing scheme and famous for proper planning, set up and security. The greenery of this housing scheme is immaculate.  It was first built for retired army personals and looks similar to DHA. It is one of the best housing schemes in Pakistan which offers luxurious life style with the best security system. When this scheme was started, there were not much amenities and facilities offered to the residents but soon when later sectors were developed, they were developed with the modern concept of living. Luxury is not the only reason why people prefer to reside in Askari housing, but all the sectors are have world class facilities and security system. In these days security is the main issue of Pakistan. Therefore the housing scheme now are developed by keep this important feature in priority.

Askari housing scheme Lahore has 11 sectors, and Askari housing scheme Rawalpindi has 15 phases. All the phases are at main locations. It is one of the most luxurious and expensive housing scheme in Pakistan.

Fazaia Housing Scheme

Fazaia housing scheme is the housing society which has a sound reputation in the property market of Pakistan. The scheme is developed with the key factors of the modern life style and innovative way of living. The scheme belongs to PAF (Pakistan Air Force) with the housing projects in all major cities of Pakistan.The scheme was designed for the air force personals as well as general public with the standard of modern housing.

Fazaia housing scheme Lahore was launched in 2003 and its 2nd phase was launched in 2010. FHS Rawalpindi was launched in 1989. Now the scheme has been started in Karachi too.