Bahria Town Karachi is a mega project by Bahria Town based on the vision of Modern Pakistan. The project was started to reshape the lives of people. All the projects of Bahria Town Karachi are iconic andconsist of the categories like Bahria Tower, Bahria ICON and Residential master planned community.

Bahria Town Karachi consists of Bahria apartments, residential plots of 125, 250, 500,1000 and 2000 sq.yards, commercial plots of 125, 200 and 250 sq.yards and Bahria Home.More than 200,000 these plots of different sizes will be allotted at first and registration is done to get an actual idea of the people’s interest and trend.

Bahria Town Karachi payment plan is from four to five years.  In case of commercial plots, the payment plan is for five years only and for the other three categories the payment plan is for four years through installments. The amount of Down Payment is approximately 10% of total property cost but for commercial plots it is about 20% of the total property cost.  For 4 years installment plan, there are 16 quarterly installments. For 5 years plan, the total installments are 20.

Here is a complete guide to help you buy a property in Bahria town

Member Registration

The process of buying property in Bahria town Karachi starts with member registration. Both local and overseas people can get registered. For those who are outside Pakistan can get all the information through the contact us link given over the official website. People who are in Pakistan can get the necessary information by visiting the sale center.  When the registration process starts, people from Pakistan as well as outside Pakistan start submitting their applications.People can only book a plot or any property in Bahria town Karachi if they are registered. The result of the registration is generally unknown but it starts with the amount of 15000 or more. The registration process is similar as it was in 2005.The registration is done through forms now but in previously there were the cards for the registration. Then the booking form was sent to their doorstep. Usually the price of the form increases after member registration Karachi is closed. If a person who wants to get registration form but could not get it, he can buy an open registration certificate available in the market.

Booking Procedure

Booking for a property is only allowed to the registered members and those who are not the registered member are not issued the booking forms by the Bahria town Karachi office. Step by step procedure of booking is given below

Booking Form

Registration Form; registration transfer certificate or open registration certificate are required for obtaining the booking forms.Bahria town Karachi issues the booking form to submit the necessary details about your desired property as well as your personal details. In black market, the forms are sold at some profit because there is always the shortage of booking forms.

4 types of booking forms are available. You can buy that one which you need. The types of forms include

  1. Residential Plot Booking Form
  2. Commercial Plot Booking Form
  3. Bahria Homes Booking Form
  4. Bahria Apartments Booking Form

For a person who wants to book more than one property, he needs to download that many booking forms from the Bahria town office because there is a new serial number for each form used.

Attachments/ Documents

The following attachments/ documents are also required

  • 2 Photographs of passport size
  • Applicant’s CNIC Copy
  • Your Nominee’s CNIC Copy
  • Your work permit copy and your passport ID copy if you are an overseas applicant.

Down Payment Or Token Pay Order

Token is also known asupfront payment, down payment or advance. It is named by token because booking is not confirmed through it and the applicant gets back his token amount if he fails in balloting. Bahria town Karachi bank account number and payee name is given in the booking form. If you want to make your payment through demand draft or pay order, you can use these details. The token pay order has to be submitted in favor of Bahria Town Karachi (pvt) Limited which is also given in the booking form.

Submitting Booking Application

When all the necessary documents (photographs, applicant’s and nominee’s CNIC card copies),token pay order are available in your hand, you have to fill the booking form with these details. Everything is now ready and you are next to submitting your application. Now at the last, you have to go to the Bahria Town Karachi office and submit the booking form there with the payment.The booking procedure is also clarified in the newspapers.The application process is complete and now you have to wait for the balloting.


After the last date for submitting application, now the date of balloting is announced.It is a type of lucky draw. The Bahria town Karachi balloting is computerized and only particular number of applicants is chosen out of all the applicants. These chosen applicants are then allotted their properties for which they have applied for. The applicants who were not chosen in the balloting are given back their token amount and the amount of refund for their registration forms.

The successful applicants are also given a discount of 150,000 Rupees. The installment process starts after 3-4 months after the applicants receive the discount against their registration.

Confirm Booking

This option is available for those people who are ready to give some extra amount of money to avoid the chance of failure in balloting. Some confirmation charges are required here but those who submit their forms for confirm booking get confirm property.

This is the complete guideon buying a property in Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria town is certainly the best place to make an investment. It is ideal from all perspective. If you want security, it is certainly the most secure place to live in Pakistan.