Are you a real estate agent or businessman? And want to boost up and advertise your business then it is needed to utilize social media. Although real estate is a business that forge on in-person connections but importance of social media can’t be simply ignored.

As per Cone Business Study (Bunzel 2010) about 60% of Americans are suing social media sites for their business and almost 59% of people are using these social sites to interact with different companies. The study also looks forward to that using of social media sites where the sales grew from $716 million to $3.1 billion in 2014.

For being organized and running with the world, in fact we can say for creating network and taking advantage of that it is very important to know what social media sites are and how you can utilize them in your life for boosting up your business. There are some techniques and tricks need to be followed for marketing your business and for that you should have understanding of the most powerful tools like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn etc.

If we see from simple perspective social medial gives every one opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts and build relationships independently without any cost. Now it depends on how we make it beneficial for us. We just need to know how to use that for our advantage .Lets take an example what’s better and choice is yours then. A person comes to your office for purchasing some property and you are telling him these are the places at this location and some pictures but not detailed one but on the other side you have your own page on any social media website and you have all stuff placed like places, their detailed photos and location. At a time multiple visitors can go through that whether you are in office or not its morning or night. There is no hurdle in your way to success as you can communicate to a lot of people at one time by creating a trustworthy environment.

After this if question will be ‘Do you want to use second option?’  Then of course your answer would be a big ‘YES’ but for all that you need some strategy and some planning  to digitize and advertise your business. Now coming towards how to use these sites:

Fore mostly, choose a platform to be used for your real-estate business as now a days there are a lot of platforms. Do use one to three platforms which are best in your point of view at least for getting idea which suits you best as per your requirement .Ask question from you after using them like; Is this platform the right for me? Am I expert in using it? Can it fulfill my business requirements? May be your requirements can’t be fulfilled using one platform and you need two or three so inspect multiple platforms for two to three before choosing  the best one for  you .

Secondly, you should know which things you should do to attract customers and how things need to be done so that everyone gets attracted towards it and must have one look. The most important point is to not to use your personal account for business purpose. Always make it different from the personal one and don’t cross your business lines there which most real estate agents do.  Build a big network and have good relationship with all. Show yourself active  by participating  in social conversation   so that people should know that this person will communicate with us as he is active always .Deal with your customers politely as client is the person who will experience you and if finds you good then will tell about you in his/her circle and would recommend you. Engage people even if there is nothing is on your page by asking different questions in which users are interested or post new tax laws or sales of property etc.

Don’t try to overwhelm your users by too many posts as this will annoy client. Yes it is right to post your successful stories and but that should be done occasionally.  There are a lot of mistakes made during promotion.

Post photos, videos and slideshows of your real estate business which is encouraged by mostly social media sites but don’t make them fake or over exaggerate by adding different features which are actually not .May be it will increase your viewers but in the mean while bad experience of people would be harmful for you in future and people will not trust you more and would result in less followers and will also violate the code of ethics (National Association of Realtors).

The most important thing you should know the peak time of social media you are using as that time there will be more traffic and you can have more advantage of that .For that observe and analyze what’s the time suits best to be in .It doesn’t mean that just that time is perfect but during the peek time you need to be on that platform which you are using and if you want something out of what you invest. Let as discussed now little bit about the peak times of different social sites.

Facebook: 1pm to 4 pm it has heavy traffic and it’s the best time to share something and be at this platform.

Twitter: For tweeting new photos of your house for sale or promotional activity the best time is 1pm to 3pm.

LinkedIn: For using LinkedIn rush into it in the time range of 7am to 9am or 5pm to 5am and have good results.

Google+: For making Google+ post more useful made them in its peak hours: 9am to 11am.

 To analyze your marketing performance use Google analytics. it will help you how good your marketing is going on social media and how much improvement is needed .Before plunging into anything you should have sound knowledge of that. So learn and utilize theses social media sites to boost your real estate business.