Bahria town is one of the leading and fast developing projects where the plots for residential as well as commercial demand are increasing. Bahria town Lahore was launched in 1996 and has expanded much in the previous some years and expected to be more expanded in the coming years. Reasons may be any but the rising demand has increased its value. With the highly increasing rate of population and the increased demand of the houses, the development of the housing societies is increasing day by day cutting the natural and the green environment and building the houses and the commercial areas for malls and plazas is the dilemma of our age but Bahria Town proudly claims that with its development of a new city inside Lahore it has preserved the natural surroundings and the green effects that soothes the sight is never ignored. Thus the idea and the motive of Bahria town is to give people the best of the environment making their life style peaceful and safe. The prevailing law and order of our country gives the mental agony of the insecure environment and here the Bahria town gives complete security and the safe environment to its residents where they can live and run their business peacefully.

Bahria town is a peaceful city of its own, which is located in the outskirts of Lahore away from the noise and pollution of the city. As the place is safe and secure, people feel peace of mind and relaxation there. It has the commercial areas that are the running business of each type ranging from shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, boutiques, international standard hospitals and schools and what not. The most appreciating aspect of Bahria town Lahore is that it is not only confined to the elite class but has different opportunities for the middle class. So you can purchase the land according to your pocket. The architecture is unique and attractive that gives the modern touch with natural surroundings giving the positive image to the eyes.

The value of the commercial plots in Bahria town is increasing with its demand. As discussed earlier it is a planned and modern society where the development has been carried out keeping in view the interests of the public. According to a survey it was found out that the value of the Bahria town plots increased 180% approximately between the years 2011 to 2014 which is tremendously high and expected to grow higher in the following years. Thus Bahria town is becoming the favorite real estate area for the investors to invest in their future.

Bahria town Lahore has different sectors and residential colonies with respect to the prices and each sector has its own commercial area which is another plus point for the residents. They don’t have to go far to buy things of their daily use or for shopping. The commercial area has all the basic items for daily use as well as has the designer and branded franchise of clothing, furniture, food chains etc. The increasing business in Bahria town motivates the investors to buy commercial area where they can see their business flouring and rising. There may be no or few examples when any business was not successful and was running into loss. The commercial sector in Bahria town Lahore is very successful and carries the promising investment for the new investors to invest in it.

Great city of Lahore is rich in its historical culture and is known for its tourism and food. Residents of Bahria town Lahore enjoy their life with style having both the desi and the modern touch.  Lahore is a happening city of Pakistan where the business happens to flourish in some time and yet in Bahria town the business is expected to flourish and rise in no time. This successful housing society is expanded and is still expanding massively in future and the development of the plots including the residential and commercial is readily fast increasing with the provision of the most conventional to the most modern and unique architecture that speaks itself of its own value making the life style of its residents most easy and peaceful.