The real estate success which was once seen in Bahria Town has now lost its momentum. The property owners and investors have found a couple of reasons to cease business activity for a while . The real estate business in Pakistan has lost its thrust since the starting of 2014, and this, combined with the fact that Bahria Town completely focuses on its Karachi projects now are some of the turn off points that have decreased the rates and business activity in Bahria Town Lahore. However, these are some of the unique statistics regarding the residences in this  area.

Houses in Bahria Town Lahore: Inclination of prices in the first quarter of 2015

The first three months of 2015 brought a decline in the value of Bahria Town Lahore prices, as we observed.  Though this downfall is small enough to be noticeable, it is actually an indication of the fact that the investors are not getting enough return on investment at the moment. Tenants do not find this area very satisfying because of the absence of routes to the locality and therefore the monthly rentals have reduced to PKR 28,000 for a 5-marla house.

We found that the sale price has just about dropped by 0.92% for a 5-marla house in Bahria Town Lahore during the first three months, being PKR 7,745,000 in January and PKR 7,613,626 in March. The same proportion was seen for 10-marla houses and the estimated sale price by March 2015 was verified to be PKR 13,904,756. A price drop of about 1.82% was observed for 1-kanal houses in Bahria Town Lahore, dropping from PKR 32,154,545 in January 2015 to PKR 31,580,556 in March 2015.

Plots in Bahria Town Lahore: Inclination of prices in the first quarter of 2015

Contrary to the trend seen above in the case of Bahria Town Lahore houses, the sale prices of plots slightly increased from January through March 2015, with a greater increase in prices of huge plots. Plots require no intense care and management and therefore investment in this sector is far more convenient than houses. Plus the locality of Bahria Town Lahore is very safe and reliable when investment in plots is concerned.

 If you wish to view the plots that are on sale in Bahria Town Lahore, you can easily find all information on our listing pages once you log in to our official website.

 The individuals in the real estate business are very hopeful that Lahore Ring Road would soon be completed but many of the critics are against this idea and believe that this is an impossible job. No matter how much time it takes, the fact remains intact that Bahria Town would be the sole sight of interest for all the investors in the market once proper construction work is started on the southern loop.

 A rise in the sale price of Bahria Town Lahore 5-marla residential plots of 2.41% was significant and as we calculated increased from PKR 3,264,459 in January 2015 to PKR 3,343,120 in March 2015. A 10-marla plot in Bahria Town Lahore would cost around PKR 5,489,489 which is 4.78% increase than the former price. Talking about the 1-kanal residential plots, a rise of 4.79% has been observed in their price from January through March and by the end of the first quarter it was claimed to cost around PKR 11,040,541.

By keeping  you up to date with all the data and statistics, I would suggest the people who are interested in making any kind of an investment to be really keen and they should make sure that they are deeply concentrating on any signs of activity in the area. This could be done by checking news regularly and keeping a keen eye on any growth on the Lahore Ring Road.