Bahria Town is one of the prime localities in Lahore and top rated for investment. It is a great society with its own systems of electricity and other basic necessities. It is located at the suburbs of Lahore and makes it a good distance from the main city.  The society is beautifully managed and handled in the best possible way, yet there are several factors that one needs to consider when handling or managing the factor of buying a plot in Bahria Town Lahore. All those people who have been managing on their own or have previous experience should know better but all those who have no previous experience are not sure how to manage things when making such a big investment.

A lot of people have been handling things in such a way that they have ended up buying such a property that has been a bad choice for them. it has not been easy for them at any cost to manage things out without taking help from any one and we have been misguided badly. It is very important to make your choice wisely. Bahria Town is one of the best societies in Lahore but there is a protocol for everything and it is a good idea to invest in the property in such a way that everything is known to you beforehand and you do not feel tied up after investing in the property. There are obviously a few pros and cons regarding everything and you should be aware of these basics before you think further in making the investment:


  1. A comparatively new housing society.
  2. A planned housing society.
  3. A beautifully developed and cultured housing society.
  4. A posh area for all those can afford 5 Marlas onwards land within it.
  5. Beautiful Mosques and Parks
  6. Soon to be linked with the Ring Road


  1. Too far off from the main city.
  2. Daily travel distance too much for those who have offices towards the Gulberg, Cantt and Mall Road areas
  3. Slightly expensive than areas like Johar Town, etc

Now let us see what the buyer of a plot in Bahria Town Lahore needs to consider before making a final decision regarding it.

Location: The location of the Bahria Town society is known to everyone that it is away from the main city. How ever the society has its beauty and when buying a plot there you should know about the importance of the location. Location matters but of course one need to have good money accordingly. The people who have no issues regarding money should make sure that we get their plot viewing the main road or the park. A corner plot is always better as it is slightly spacious than other plot cuttings. With a better system of managing things out you should have a good look at the complete plan of the society and take your pick for the best sized plot accordingly.

There is no doubt about the fact that the Bahria Town has its own power plant which provides round the clock electricity and has no load shedding issues. The Town has been planned out in such a way that all its electrical wiring has been done underground. The sewerage is also well managed and it has a good system of managing things out in a better way for all the other basic utilities of life that include gas, power, telephone, etc.

Take help from a property dealer:

It is a good idea to hire a property dealer who deals within the plots of the Bahria Town. These people are well aware of the plots, their availability, their sizes, etc. The property dealers know what to offer at what price. They would also tell you about the different deals that are available. The within the town built smaller towns that have bungalows and lodges that are being built and sold which makes it easy for the buyer as he would not have to build anything on their own. Prior bookings of these plots which have the service of having the SD houses built on them are also available. These plots are available along with separate pricing for the building which would be done along with the rest of the houses or on demand of the owner.

If you have your office within Bahria Town or some where near it, like the Thokar Niaz Baig or Multan Road area, then buying a plot in the Bahria Town region is just the place for you. When thinking about buying a plot in the area only for investment purpose, you should make sure that you buy out the best deal and the bigger the plot, the better chance you have of gaining good profit on it. There are many people who just purchase plots in Bahria Town Lahore society to sell them off on bigger profits later. Even if so, you should try to get the plots in the main sectors and main blocks, near to the main roads as the society is calm and quite and a smaller city within the city itself.

The roads are new and the rest of the basic necessities are also managed in such a way that the town looks neat and clean. There are lots of people living within the society now and it is not a difficult decision to make even if you are interested in making a new house and shifting to Bahria Town for personal residence within the next six months after buying a plot in Bahria Town. You would definitely not be making a bad decision by purchasing a plot in Bahria Town.

Except for the aspect of money, there are several other factors that need to be kept in mind when purchasing a plot in Bahria Town and because the plots in it are beings old like hot cakes these days, it is definitely not a bad option to buy one even if you have no intention of living in the society some where in the near future.