The real estate in Punjab is experiencing a boom and many cities of Punjab are considered good for investing. The cities of Punjab have improved infrastructure and have a dense population. The real estate in Punjab is booming due to planned developments. There are some top cities of the Punjab which are considered as the prime locations for the real estate investments. The cities are as follows


The third largest metropolitan city and the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is considered as the top location for investing in real estate.Local as well as foreign investors very enthusiastically invest in Islamabad property because of its high value.  It is a planned city and its real estate has high value. There are many residential as well as commercial schemes for investing out of which Bahria town is one of the top investment opportunities for the investors

Defence housing authority is another luxury scheme for those who want to invest in real estate business in Islamabad.


Lahore is the provincial capital of Punjab. The value of real estate in Lahore has increasedin the past few years. The investors are encouraged to invest in the property business in order to receive a higher return on investment. The overseas investors very actively participate in Lahore real estate.There are several commercial and residential schemes that attract the investors and out of which Defence housing authority comes at the topin Lahore there are many real estate investment options like Houses, flats, apartments, commercial lands and buildings, residential plots and buildings. The top area for investment includesGulberg Lahore and the nearby areas Fortress stadium, Ring road and Mall road, Canal road, Ferozpur road etc.


One of the fastest developing cities of Pakistan, Rawalpindi has become a popular location for real estate investment. In almost every district of Rawalpindi commercial activities are seen. The investors, who want to invest in the real estate of Punjab, must choose Rawalpindi as it is the top area for investment. The prices of property arecontinuously rising. For investment in commercial areas, the locations like G.T road, Murreeroad etc is considered as the best location. Some of the housing schemes like Bahria town, Korang town, Police Foundation, Pakistan town are some of the rising locations whose prices are rising with time.


Gujranwala is also a developing city of Pakistan in which many developed and under construction projects are present. There are a lot of real estate investment options in Gujranwala. In Gujranwala G.T road is the best location in where there are many housing schemes and commercial buildings are present. The road is of high demand as is considered as the central location for property investment. Central Gujranwala is also renowned for many commercial activities and perfect area for property investment. The cantonment area is also located on G.T road and has a high demand as it yields higher ROI.


In Multan you will see many projects of commercial development and housing schemes which are the source of attraction for the investors. Although Multan has expanded, but Investors like to invest in the central area of Multan because it is the central location and known as the business hub and investment in the real estate in this area is really very beneficial for the investors. The other area best for investment include the cantonment area of Multan. The areas near central Multan are also ideal for real estate investment.


Faisalabad is the industrial city and one of the top cities of Punjab for the real estate investments. The investors like to buy properly in the central area f the city i.e. the clock tower which is located in the sumundri town. Being the oldbusiness district, the area has significant value. The entire city has now emerged to be the prime location for real estate development. Investors find good opportunities in investing in these areas and the areas that are near to the central area.  Many development projects are seen which have made the city ideal for investing in property business.


Like other top districts and cities of Punjab, Sialkot is another popular area for the investors. Like other cities, the central areas of Sialkot are the top choice for the investors because the property in the central area is highly valuable. A high return on investment is expected if investment is made in these areas. The areas adjacent to the central areas are also very valuable. The cantonment area of Sialkot is also worth investing.


Wah cantonment is an area located in Punjab and has been a heaven for property investmentbecause of its outstanding location.Ghori town, model town, Benazir Colony, Jinnah Colony, Lalarukh Colony, Lalazar Colony, Gulshan Colony, Shah Wali Colony, etc are some of the best residential areas. The main city of the WahCantt is an ideal location for investment in the property. Many national and international investors preferWahCantt to invest in its real estate.


There are many property investment opportunities in Sargodha. The city is expanding fast and many projects for commercial and residential developments are present in Sargodha. The investors have several options of investment like homes, apartments, villas, residential plots, commercial plots etc. The central Sargodha is the main business district. The interested investors can contact the property advisors, dealer to have different options of real estate investment in Sargodha. The agents can provide reliable professional sale and purchase services of the property.

10- Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur is the populated city of Pakistan and located in the Punjab. Whether you want to buy a residential property or commercial property, Bahawalpur is the ideal location for the investment point of view. Now a new chapter of DHA, DHA Bahawalpur has been introduced which is the best investment opportunity for the investors to invest in the area.  There are many other housing and commercial development projects to attract investors not only from Pakistan but also outside Pakistan.