There are several reasons why property prices have been hiking for the past several years. It has always been seen that during the previous years the property prices go high especially when PML (N) is governing the country. The reasons are mainly quite obvious but there are many people who wait till the PML (N) rule comes in before they sale off their property because they think that they can earn better profit as the prices of the property would go high.

One of the major causes is that PML (N) takes great interest in the building of roads. We started with the building of the M2, Motorway Lahore to Islamabad which was a great thing for the country and has saved a lot of time for the travelers. This whole scene created a hike in the prices of the land that went near the motorway route. All those people who had barren and waste lands that were no more but just useless lands then started pricing to be really high. The lands that were only used for cultivation by farmers and no one visited these lands suddenly became quite costly because the motorway started passing either through them or beside them. The importance of the land became quite high and it was a good idea to manage things out in such a way that everything seemed good as it also affected the economy in a positive way.

After the successful project of the M2, the extension project of the motorway road from Islamabad to Peshawar and Lahore to Faisalabad was also quite successful. The land that followed the motorway track became highly important and at the same time expensive which inclined the trend of buying land in acres in such places so that everything is managed in a better way. This aided several people and helped many to manage things out in a better way by selling off their lands at competitive prices and earning well out of them. Most of these lands belonged to the farmers and lower middle class people and we made their way straight towards the posh areas of main cities by selling of their land at a handsome price and benefitting well out of it.

When this happened a trend developed that people would feel that the management of PML N is such that the prices of property hike automatically. During the next tenure of the PML (N) the developments in Lahore went up and under passes were built. Roads leading towards certain areas of the city were also made better and things were managed in a much better way. This helped all those people who had houses or plots where the newly built roads passed.

During the last reign of the PML (N) in the Punjab, a lot of development was done in the form of over head bridges and proper development of roads leading towards the Raiwind area. All the land that was left unwanted and unkept hiked in price and the entire route from Thokar Niaz Baig to Raiwind got a really high pricing. The development of Bahria Town over the decade outside the city also elevated the property prices and a lot of housing schemes were developed all through out the city.

With the development of the Metro Bus route from Gajjumatta and all the way to Shahdara aided to the development of the Ferozepur Road which helped in making the city look awesome form the aerial route. This development helped in the management of a better system of property prices and once again the prices of the property hiked. The new addition of the project of Ring Road that goes all the way from the outer circle of the city of Lahore helped in raising the prices of all the land that run along side the road have gone high multiplying the previous price to atleast ten times. This helped several people while it caused issues for all those who could not afford buying land or property anymore due to the hike in prices.

The development going on within Lahore caused the hike in the prices of property through out the city. The reason that the prices consistently rose were due to the changes being made in the plan of the city which made the entrance of different societies and the land that was way out of the city being brought right within reach to make the prices go high.

The price of land within the rest of the country is not that high because no basic developments are being done in comparison to what is being done in Lahore. However the elevated proves of land in Lahore has left its impact all over the country.

The development of roads and other land and property based things has not been done that efficiently in the era of Pervaz Musharraf nor in the times of Asif Zardari hence it is quite correctly assumed that the prices hike during the reign of PML (N) as we focus their attention on the roads and matters related to land. This has caused its good and bad effects on the different people according to their need and requirement.

There are several reasons why societies like DHA, Bahria Town, Sui Gas, Izmir, EME, and several others which never even existed about two decades before are now running successfully in the suburbs of the city. The development done within the city has extended the city. The areas near the Shalimar garden and surrounding it has also been made better and the price of commercial land has increased there also because of the same reason. This is one of the greatest achievement made in Pakistan in a long time; the development of roads how ever this has also lead to the hike in the property prices which has helped several while several people have lost an opportunity even to own 2 Marlas to build a small place for themselves to live in. Pros and Cons come with every development but in comparison with other governments the PML (N)’ s focus on roads has lead to the hike in the property prices.